The Power of Planning

Most Americans don’t plan to fail, but they do fail to plan. 

Some, however, take the steering wheel into their own hands. Our clients create a plan with the help of experienced professionals. Then they continually refine the plan as life unfolds.

We believe those with a Financial Plan are much more likely to achieve the things in life they truly wantand are much less likely to be set back when life throws its worst at them. 

We’re here to show you how and help keep you on track. 

Don’t just hope. Plan.

The Planning Process

Financial Planning is not a 100 page report. First and foremost, it is developing a complete understanding:

First, where are you now, and how did you get here? Then, as a team, we determine where you want to be.

Planning is the process of getting you from where you are to where you want to be as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your finances (cash flow, investing, insurance, taxes, etc) simply the means to an end. 

The Plan in Action

Our goal for you: a One Page Financial Plan*, written in plain EnglishWe also provide clear, actionable steps and an implementation Timeline.

We will then work with you to help you accomplish your plan. We will walk with you to completion.

So that you understand what is happening, we will explain to you and show you how every recommendation in the plan improves your situation. You can feel confident knowing you are on track towards achieving your goals.

Planning Team

We have a team of advisors and staff available to serve you. You will also need other professionals in the areas of tax, legal, and insurance to round out your team. 

We have observed that while some clients already have professional help in these areas, if they are not working together, it can be confusing.

Does your estate planning attorney understand the tax ramifications of a certain type of investment in a trust?

Is your CPA simply looking to minimize taxes this year or minimize taxes over your lifetime? 

We coordinate with your professional team to best serve you, bridging the gap between the professions. If you do not have tax, legal, and/or insurance professionals you trust, we can introduce you to our local relationships we trust.

Planning Options

We offer various Planning Options

  • One-Time Planning
  • Ongoing Planning 
  • Hourly Consulting 

Your specific fee, and the value you will receive in exchange, will be clearly laid out to you before any decision is made. We then encourage you to sleep on that decision before you agree to hire us on as part of your team.